Flexible Films

It’s estimated that 40% of food and 11% of products never make it to the consumer because of spoilage or damage. Some think the answer is more packaging. At Ascend, we think the answer is better materials.

Ascend’s films portfolio brings new, high-performance films that minimize food waste and product damage across the supply chain.

HiDura PTR puncture and tear-resistant resins give packaging designers the flexibility to downgauge or maintain their current film thickness and increase protection.

Improve orientation and thermoforming of films, while enhancing gloss and clarity with HiDura LUX amorphous nylon technology. Designed specifically as a modifier for existing nylon layers or compounds.


Our copolymers, high viscosity polymers and amorphous nylon grades are easily processed on traditional film manufacturing equipment including blown, cast and  biaxial-oriented film processes. They also are compatible with other resins used in multilayer films including tie layers, barrier layers and polyolefins. With tailored crystallization rates, our grades enable high-gloss and superior transparency films.

  • Food applications
  • High-temperature applications
  • Industrial applications
  • Oriented film applications
  • Multilayer blown film applications

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